As I lay by the fire on a cold, windy spring (which feels like a winter's) day,  I cast my mind back to the 60s, when women wore big skater skirts, and heels almost anywhere. But now, in the 21st century, this feminine stereotype has evolved drastically.

"Boyfriend" is a term used a lot around the fashion industry nowadays, referring to slouchy clothes, both comfy and slouchy.

But what has happened to the typical stereotype that was once so feminine for women? 
Since records began, women have always worn such feminine, materials. If we looked back into the Victorian ages, women were never seen wearing skirts. But now as we move further into 2012, women have began to take over what is known as a male style stereotype.

No doubt that women cannot pull this male look off, but many may disagree that it is what women should be styled like. For so many years, people have grown up to the style of women wearing skirts and dresses, the more floaty style of outfits.
But perhaps this is just the case? Perhaps the "typical woman style stereotype" will reduce further and maybe even become extinct. 

However, let us not forget to embrace both looks. Women should feel happy and fabulous in whatever they wear. But just remember, one day, these stereotypes may become extinct one day.

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Signing off for tonight,


P.s: Happy Easter! Let me know what eggs (if any) you received!